Fredrik Gustafsson
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Master's Thesis Project

Automotive 3D Object Detection Without Target Domain Annotations.


Autonomous/Web Controlled TurtleBot3.


Autonomous Minesweeping System.

2D Object Detection for Autonomous Driving

TensorFlow Implementation of SqueezeDet.

Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving

TensorFlow Implementation of ENet.


Autonomous/Web Controlled RC Car.

Summer Internship Project

Deep Learning Demo/Test Platform.

AA 273 Final Project

The SE-Sync Algorithm for Pose-Graph SLAM.

CS 224N Final Project

Neural Image Captioning for Intelligent Vehicle-to-Passenger Communication.

CS 229 Final Project

Control of an Inverted Double Pendulum using Reinforcement Learning.

Summer Internship Project

Web Tool for Analysis and Visualization of Sensor Data.


Autonomous/Web Controlled Raspberry Pi & Arduino Robot.

Spider Pig

Autonomous Hexapod Robot.


2D Adventure Game.

About me

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Fredrik Gustafsson

M.Sc. Student in Electrical Engineering

- I am an engineering student whose main interests include autonomous robots, computer vision, deep learning and Bayesian filtering. I aim to be a key contributor in the development of fully autonomous vehicles and hope to experience the day when we can safely say: ”Do you remember when people used to get killed in traffic?”.