Spider Pig

Autonomous Hexapod Robot.


Main hardware:
- 1x PhantomX AX Metal Hexapod Mark II Kit (including 18x Dynamixel AX-12 servos, excluding the ArbotiX Robocontroller).
- 3x ATmega1284p microcontrollers.
- 7x IR distance sensors.
- 1x ultrasonic distance sensor.
- 1x MPU-6050 IMU.
- 1x LCD display.
- 1x FireFly Bluetooth modem.
- 1x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.
- 1x Raspberry Pi Camera Board 5 MP.

- The robot can navigate a simple maze (containing both low and high obstacles) autonomously and be controlled manually with an Xbox controller connected to a PC. It communicates with the PC over Bluetooth.
- The system is divided into three subsystems (control, sensors and communication), with one microcontroller each. The subsystems communicate via an SPI bus.
- The Raspberry Pi is configured as a WiFi hotspot and streams video to a Linux computer.
- The walking algorithm is based on inverse kinematics. A PD controller is used to keep it centered in corridors.

By Fredrik K. Gustafsson, Joakim Bertils, Jonas Ehn, Kevin Kjellén, Erik Ljungzell, Christoffer Malmgren and Jens Månsson.

My main responsibilities: Sensors and autonomy.

Bachelor thesis project, Linköping University